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Social Media

social108We can set up your biz on various social media platforms, and integrate these into your web site. If you wish to take the reigns with your social media marketing, we can meet with you to offer you training on just how to do this or we can take the task off your hands and manage your social media for you.

Web Design

wordpress4We offer creative, unique and suitably branded website design specializing in WordPress and Optimize Press. From creating content to optimizing your site on the world wide web; connecting your site with social media platforms, or anything along the way, we can establish the foundation for your online presence professionally.


monitor7SEO involves the implementation of a framework that optimizes your site for search engines. SEO can put you ahead of the competition by creating more credibility and visibility. This means you receive higher ranking on search engines like Google.

Email Marketing and Lead Capture

envelope68Whether it be synching an optin from your website to your email autoresponder, creating and broadcasting regular or sequential updates to an email list,  we got you covered.  We can also create landing pages for you so that future customers or clients can offer up their email addresses when purchasing a particular product or service.

Content Creation

fresh10(1)Whether it be blog posts or authority articles;  press releases or copy writing we can create content for you that is designed to engage readers, expand your customer base and make others interact with not only your site but also your brand.  Wouldn’t you like to be known as the “go-to” site on your particular specialty or area of expertise?


Book Writing and Publishing

educational17(3)Published international best selling authors, we know the particulars of creating excellent quality book content, and publishing it on Amazon.  At a pace that suits your schedule, we can coach you along with our proven methods that get your knowledge onto paper and distinguish you as an expert in your field.

What We Do

We create online business platforms for small businesses. We are here to assist you where ever you are in your online business journey. We can work with you step by step, or we can handle any online marketing task you find difficult or tedious. Whether you are new to the online marketing world, or you are a somewhat established entrepreneur that requires assistance in social media marketing, creative direction or other online marketing duties; we are available to help you gather more clients and customers and create a thriving business.

Who We Are

We are creative and tech savvy individuals who find the online business marketing scene intoxicating. We are on top of the newest trends and offer our clients the latest approaches to creating business success online. We are conscious people and are dedicated to assisting business owners who want to create a more conscious world. We are intuitive and possess a level of knowing that can assist us in easily discovering what your special offerings could be and the unique and creative ways you could present them online.


Our coaching can help you discover the possibilities you and your business have to offer the world. We can outline and execute an action plan to distinguish and to promote your business online so you can start to create or expand an income quickly. We can eliminate overwhelm and support you in the online marketing world.


Would you like to take the reigns after we have created your optimized, uniquely branded online presence? We are happy to consult with you or your staff members to teach you the ins and outs of any aspect of the online marketing world so you can you can manage your business on your own.

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What Our Clients Say

I would like to recommend SasMaven for website design as well as any other of your online needs. They took the reigns on my website project and knew what needed to be done without me having to be there all the time. They are very helpful: I like that I can come to them for consultation on almost anything having to do with online marketing.

Shirley Fieber

SasMaven Social Media created a great website that suited my business within my budget. They integrated this site with my social media platforms and expanded my customer base almost instantly.  They are awesome to work with and pushed me to expand my online business presence! 

Dilpreet Thiara Dilpreet Thiara Yuen Method Master

I know absolutely nothing about the online world.  Sasmaven Social Media was capable of assessing what my small town business required to put me online. I let them take care of everything! They had a remarkable of way of knowing exactly what I wanted and needed. If you want to step back and let someone do all the work for you, these peeps are the ones!

Mane and Nails Hair Salon and Spa JA White, owner operator Mane and Nails Salon and Spa

Sasmaven is great to work with. They have tons of creative energy and can dial into what is unique, and ready to be born in your business. They have expert know how and can actualize what is required to create your brand and establish your business online.  From consulting to project building and actualization, SasMaven offers you all that you require to set up and launch your business online.

Carola Shultz Carola Shultz: Creator of Law of Attraction Mindset

SasMaven Social Media created a professional website and social media presence for me that tapped into the energy of my business.  They took me from overwhelm to manageability. The staff at Sasmaven step into creating what you have no idea how to create and diligently train you to take the reigns after your web presence is established.  I recommend them for the flood of unique ideas they have for your business and their most professional way of implementing them.


Louise Konkin L. Konkin, Consciousness Facilitator and Bodyworker.

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SEO Improves Website Traffic

SEO Improves Website Traffic

Many online business newbies, have no idea what SEO is or what it means, let alone how SEO improves website traffic. SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization, consists of strategies, techniques and tactics that are used to improve website traffic. Don’t think you can just design a pretty website. Without SEO there will be […]

little blab

Wouldn’t it be fun to Blab about you and your business?

The creation of fun, new, exciting social media approaches never seems to stop.  Recently added to the video streaming mileau, is Blab, a multi person video chat platform that allows 4 people to converse and chat publicly at the same time.  How much fun could this be? Aside from the fact that you can chat […]

SocialMedia regime

Increase Social Media Following with 3 Easy Steps

Did you know you can increase social media following with 3 easy steps? If you set up a weekly schedule where you create and plan your content, observe your follower response and repurpose this content, you will increase social media following quicker than you imagined. Finding the time to build a larger following can pose […]

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